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Weight: 480 lb/220 Kg
Cutting width: 28 inches
Excavator Weight Range: 4-6
tonne / 9000 lb to 13000 lb

View 28" Shark tech specs here


Weight: 680 lbs (305 kg)
Cutting width: 30 inches
Excavator Weight Range: 5-12
tonne / 11000 lb to 26000 lb

View 30" Shark tech specs here

We manufacture exceptionally powerful mulchers & brush cutter attachments. Light enough for almost any mini excavator & skid steer carrier; strong enough to handle even the toughest jobs.

Fast Cutting




Low Carbide

Commercial Grade


Mini Excavator Mulcher Series

Announcing our two industry-leading lightweight, fixed tooth brush cutter mowing attachments – the 28″ SHARK & 30″ SHARK. Designed to handle anything from mowing grass to whole tree removal, these powerful lightweight mulchers will attach to almost any carrier.



I’ve been in land clearing business for about 30 years. All in all we’re very happy with machine. A lot of our materials are hardwood, and it really doesn’t matter – this machine handles them all. We’ve found it a very, very easy machine to get used and work with.
Rick Nowlan, Trucking Ltd. about EX30RPM
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Land clearing attachments for excavators and skid steers used for:
The importance of selecting the right mulching head for your excavator machine and application

Torrent is committed to quality assurance: when you purchase one of our land clearing attachments, it will be the best possible match for your machine and application. Thorough research and verification of the machine specifications is critical, so as to determine the suitability of a carrier—whether it’s an excavator, forestry platform or skid steer—as a mulching head recipient. It’s important to be aware that the true cost of the installation of a high flow hydraulic attachment (such as a mulching implement) is not necessarily contained in standard mulching head attachment specifications. The cost and complexity are often left out. Often it is necessary to consult the manufacturer of the carrier to get all of the information required to provide valuable guidance to the customer. So if you’re shopping for a good land clearing mulcher, you can trust our team at Torrent to give you detailed cost information to find the right fit for you. At Torrent, it is our policy to perform a detailed analysis of the application, machine specifications, and options before offering any recommendation or quotation to a potential customer. We want you to be as informed as you can possibly be, up front, so as to avoid any costly or disappointing surprises.


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