5 Top Reasons to Use a Shredder

Shred With The Best With Torrent Mulchers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eq4oCamn84?rel=0 28″ SHARK Mulch light brush, mow grass & heavy weeds, and efficiently remove whole trees up to 5″ in diameter. Perfect for light excavators and backhoes. This mini-mulcher delivers maximum punch and durability in a super lightweight package. VIEW 28″ SHARK FULL SPECS & PHOTOS 30″ SHARK […]

Be Money Conscious When Trying to Buy a Chipper

If your business involves clearing and excavating outdoor space, you might be thinking about buying a chipper shredder. When looking for a chipper for sale, though, you should be conscious of cost. Different types chippers and mulcher attachments are designed to handle different tasks. Some are high-powered attachments meant for large projects such as deforesting […]

Boom reaction and carrier stability

Torrent was the first manufacturer to market a fixed tooth mulcher that could be run efficiently by a mini excavator. Using the 161-3 Kubota (a 6 tonne class machine) as the target match for a mini mulcher, Torrent fielded a 26″ cutting width unit with an installed weight of approximately 900 lb (400 kg). The […]

Brush Clearing Attachments: Reasons to Clear Brush

Brush can be quite the nuisance. There are a variety of reasons for wanting to rid your property of brush, and using brush clearing equipment can be a simple and effective way of getting the results you need. Whether you are a homeowner with accumulated brush cutter on your property, or a large business wishing […]

Choosing the Right Mulching Equipment that Fits Your Needs

When it comes to heavy land clearing and mulching, it is important to consider your equipment carefully. There is a wide variety of forestry mulching equipment available and choosing the right equipment for your needs can save you money and hassles. Torrent Mulchers offers multi-use forestry mulching heads that can handle a variety of tasks […]

Clearing Land the Quick and Efficient Way

When it comes to clearing land for a residential, business or industrial project, efficiency is as important as getting the job done right. Your land clearing machinery should help you get the job done quickly. This allows you to stay on schedule and keep your client happy, which can help generate referrals for additional projects. […]

Environmental Benefits of Using a Timber Mulcher

The natural world is often frustrating to the modern world. We want to build our businesses, but fields are dominated by undergrowth and land lots are filled with trees. Clearing lots can seem like an unsustainable process, but when done responsibly, taking a timber mulcher to the trees on your property can be beneficial to […]

Excavator Mowers And Their Uses

When you’re out on any kind of land clearing job, the last thing that you need to be worrying about is a fire, environmental damage, clean clearing, or a real nightmare: machines breaking down—and sometimes it seems like all of those are impossible to manage all at the same time! What is an Excavator Mower? […]

Forest Tree Mulcher

The world’s fervent preoccupation with “going green” is holding strong – and with just cause. People in all sectors of the industry are looking for innovative ways to adopt more ecologically sustainable practices and generate more environmentally-friendly products. Whether stocking recycled coffee cups or propagating the use of wind turbines, companies both old and new […]


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