We manufacture powerful mulchers and brush clearing equipment that is light enough for your machinery, but strong enough to handle even the toughest jobs.

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Torrent Mulcher products are the result of ongoing innovation, rigorous testing, and an unmatched commitment to seeking feedback from our customers and acting on it. We’re confident that our mowers, mulchers and brush clearing products are uniquely able to provide all the power you need, at weights that allow them to be extremely stable, even on small carriers. Our testing has shown that there are no other products on the market that are this powerful, lightweight, and flexible in their application.

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Torrent Mulchers is committed to the development of strong and lasting relationships by providing a level of service, and quality products exceeding the expectations of our Customers. Our goal is to deliver high value products that give our Customers the best possible competitive advantage in their markets. The integration of equipment design concepts identified by listening to our valued Customers has and will continue to direct our new product development. Using only the highest quality in design criteria, materials and components; and through innovation and continuous improvement, we will continue to lead the way in the global market place for construction and forestry mulching equipment.


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