In the midst of a huge brush clearing project, there are a few things most workers will notice; the big trees that need to be obliterated, the tangled snarls of smaller brush, and all of the logging slash left behind by felled and mulched trees. What they probably don’t think about is the wood chip laden grass beneath the mess.

Most of the job seems to be just getting the trees to chips and the bigger selvage shredded down, but the grass beneath often still needs attention—especially keeping in mind the prospect of reforestation. So what do you do when there’s no lawn mower? Fear not, intrepid brush cutter, because our top-of-the-line brush cutter attachment just happens to do the work of a forestry mower!

This chameleon of the job site will make short work of the grass. Sure, you could get a separate brush mower, but why would you buy a second machine when brush cutters can do it all? Besides being a superfluous cost, the mower would be an extra piece of machinery, whereas you can use a brush cutter for skid steer work and mowing.

All you need to do is run the brush cutter excavator over the grass, and the brush cutter mulcher will do the rest. Even tree planters use brush cutters for excavators as a forestry mower before beginning their planting work because it has the bonus of mulching as it goes. As a brush cutter for excavator work, then, this tool is second to none.

If you’re looking for a brush cutter for sale, you’ve come to the right place. With our broad selection, you can find a brush cutter for mini excavator jobs, or something that’s ready for front-loading attachment capabilities. Contrary to popular belief, however, light-weight does not mean weak. Even our smallest model, the EX24D, which weighs just 320lbs, is capable of handling the down pressure of a 3-5 tonne machine.

The brush cutter attachment pieces will create new areas of work for your current machines, cut down on energy use, and decreased your hourly operating costs!