Large-scale forestry projects demand tough-as-nails equipment that is not only well-crafted and powerful but also reliable. We have Gehl excavator attachments that fit all three of those criteria, and they will make any job seem like gathering toothpicks. In our experience, rented equipment is generally well-worn and ill-maintained; it is a far better idea to work with brand-new attachments for Gehl excavator hardware.

The more horsepower your machinery grinds out, the better our Gehl excavator attachments like it because it means the job is done more quickly. Twenty-foot trees disappear into piles of environmentally-friendly mulch almost before you blink, and a quick swing of the excavator boom sweeps brush away like cotton balls. If you run out of space between densely packed trees, switch our multi-purpose mulcher onto the front of your skid-steer loader and go to town on the timber like a tree shear. Once the area is clear for maneuvering, slap the Gehl attachment back on the excavator and feed the trees to it.

We love our Gehl excavator attachments for sale and are excited to offer their high-quality, lightweight construction. They do the job of older, heavier machines in a much faster time. Call us at 866-777-7575 now to book an appointment.