Hitachi Mulcher Attachments

The table below shows which Torrent products will attach to your Bobcat excavator. If your Model number is not listed above,
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ZX 27 U
ZX 35 U
ZX 50 U
ZX 130
ZX 160
ZX 180
ZX 210
ZX 250
ZX 290
Spherical Cutters

Torrent’s EXCLUSIVE SPHERICAL CUTTERS are TOUGH enough to work in rocky terrain and OUTPERFORM flail-type mowers carbide competitors hands down!

Count on Us Even if Your Project is All Wet

When a project has to go afloat, such as preparing a waterway for dredging by atomizing any wood choking the area, you may need to consider attachments for Hitachi excavator machines. They can be mounted on barges and are well-treated to resist rust as they grind happily away while riding the currents.

A big part of why we have Hitachi excavator attachments for sale is because they work equally well on dry land. These Hitachi excavator attachments are of the same uncompromising quality as their nautical counterparts and are up to any task. Flexibility is important in attachments for Hitachi excavator equipment. With them, you have one tool to do five jobs rather than five tools to do one. Hitachi excavator attachments will effortlessly clear brush and scrub from between trees and follow that up with bark-ripping power in order to mulch even the toughest wood.

All of our Hitachi excavator attachments for sale are new and pristine and will offer years of well-maintained service. Call us now at 866-777-7575 for an appointment.


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