John Deere Mulcher Attachments

The table below shows which Torrent products will attach to your Bobcat excavator. If your Model number is not listed above,
please call us on +1.866.777.7575 for the most up to date data.
27 D
35 D
50 G
60 G
75 D
85 D
130 G
135 G
160 G
180 G
190 D
210 G
220 D
225 D
250 G
290 G
350 G
Spherical Cutters

Torrent’s EXCLUSIVE SPHERICAL CUTTERS are TOUGH enough to work in rocky terrain and OUTPERFORM flail-type mowers carbide competitors hands down!

Keep Your Project Running Smoothly

When you have a forestry job that needs extra-special attention, our excavator attachments and the nearly 200 years of John Deere know-how make for quite a team. Mulching, tree-shearing, or brush-cutting job – John Deere equipment is legendary for its quality, workmanship and durability and our attachments for John Deere excavator equipment are your go to for the same three reasons.

ohn Deere equipment is green, and so are our John Deere excavator attachments, so to speak, because they create tons of environmentally-friendly mulch out of all the removed wood from your job site. In fact, they will mulch trees, crush stumps and chew up brush with equal ferocity because of the non-carbide steel teeth.

John Deere excavator attachments are guaranteed new, well-constructed and long-lasting. Rented equipment has often been poorly maintained and wound up overly worn or even dangerous. For John Deere excavator attachments for sale, give us a call today: 866-777-7575.


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