Kobelco excavators have made large advancements in excavator construction with unmatched fuel efficiency, circuitry that boosts hydraulic power without losing pressure, and a system which reduces dust and noise.

Attachments for Kobelco excavator machines are generally far more powerful than the competition. Our attachments already have fixed, non-carbide steel teeth that are lighter and more durable than those of other mulchers, but the combination of extra features of Kobelco excavators puts them over the top. The extra power means our Kobelco excavator attachments will devour trees much faster than before and the increased fuel efficiency means you can work longer between breaks. The reduced dust and noise gives you two benefits: Less dust outside means less dust is sucked inside to the cooling system, which chokes the engine and with less overall noise, it’s more ergonomically comfortable for your workers.

Of course, our Kobelco excavator attachments do all the other things, too. They will still shift effortlessly between stump grinding and brush cutting and will continue to shear and mulch trees with abandon. They are still flexible and easily interchangeable between mighty excavators and plucky skid-steer loaders. In tight quarters or open spaces, our Kobelco excavator attachments will get the job done.

Although the teeth of our mulchers are stronger than others, they will still break a cutting edge occasionally on a rock or piece of iron. You will lose neither cutting power nor time because our mulcher teeth are rotatable 90 degrees at a time. To get going again, simply stop the mulcher and swivel the tooth. This patented technology means most people will get more than 400 hours of cutting before the teeth need replacement.

No matter if you need to curtail brush at the side of a highway, clear a construction site of stumps, or clear burned timber in order to reclaim the land, our Kobelco excavator attachments for sale are the best in the business.