Komatsu Mulcher Attachments

The table below shows which Torrent products will attach to your Bobcat excavator. If your Model number is not listed above,
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PC 30
PC 35
PC 45
PC 55
PC 58
PC 70
PC 78
PC 88
PC 130
PC 138
PC 160
PC 200
PC 220
PC 228
PC 270
PC 300
PC 350
HB 205
HB 215
PW 148-8
PW 160-8
PW 180-8
PW 200-7
PW 220-7
Spherical Cutters

Torrent’s EXCLUSIVE SPHERICAL CUTTERS are TOUGH enough to work in rocky terrain and OUTPERFORM flail-type mowers carbide competitors hands down!

Forestry Just Became More Environmentally-Friendly

Building upon years of study and field testing, Komatsu has designed an engine that uses seven percent less fuel than any other excavator engine currently in the field. Together with an entirely new, radical fuel-filtering system and our long-lasting, high-performing attachments for Komatsu excavator machines, you have a combination that is not only great for the environment, but also for your bottom line. The attachments also have rotatable teeth, which means breaking an edge against a rock or other obstacle is no longer a job-stopping problem. Turn the spherical cutter 90 degrees and you are right back at it. Less downtime for repairs equals more productivity. Our Komatsu excavator attachments are all crafted from non-carbide steel for longer life and heightened performance.

Need to tackle a bunch of downed trees into environmentally-friendly mulch? Our Komatsu excavator attachments will do the trick. The same is true if you have to shear the trees or clear annoying brush away before felling the trees. Since our attachments weigh only half as much as other models, they work just as well with smaller machines as they do with larger ones. Clamp the mulcher attachment on the front of a skid-steer loader when you need to wind your way through close quarters without losing power or productivity. Decouple it, and connect it to the might boom of an excavator for the extra horsepower needed to handle the really big jobs.

Choose the rugged, high-strength QT-100 steel construction of our brand-new, sparkling units and make your forestry job easier. Call today for Komatsu excavator attachments for sale and set an appointment with us to discuss your specific needs.


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