Link Belt Mulcher Attachments

The table below shows which Torrent products will attach to your Bobcat excavator. If your Model number is not listed above,
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130 X2
130 X3
160 X2
160 X3
210 X2
210 X3
240 X2
250 X3
290 X2
300 X3
350 X2
350 X3
Spherical Cutters

Torrent’s EXCLUSIVE SPHERICAL CUTTERS are TOUGH enough to work in rocky terrain and OUTPERFORM flail-type mowers carbide competitors hands down!

LBX Stands by its Excavators the Same Way We Stand by Our Attachments

Link-Belt excavators (LBX) are powerful and reliable. They have a distinct advantage in forestry applications. Not only does Link-Belt make machines specifically designed for forestry, they also back their excavators with a 3-year or 10,000 hour warranty. The peace of mind that comes from having that kind of warranty and machine-reliability is priceless.

Our attachments for Link Belt excavator machines are equally tough and resilient. The whirring, non-carbide steel teeth last more than 400 hours with normal use. The double row of bearings handle the load of extreme side stresses encountered during mulching and other forestry applications – they last more than 1,000 hours before needing replacement. Tough plus tough equals extra productivity. Even Link Belt excavator attachments for the SpinAce series of small, maximum-swing radius machines will devour tangled brush and medium trees in short order. If you put the durability of our QT 100, high-tensile strength steel attachments together with Link-Belt’s largest, forestry-specific excavator, you get a hulking monstrosity that applies more than 110,000 ft-lbs of swing torque. The trees will almost recoil and fall down themselves when they see this frightening combination. Even when all that force breaks a cutting-edge on our unique, fully-rotatable teeth, there will only be a small delay as the operator turns the affected tooth 90 degrees and starts chewing away again.

Our Link Belt excavator attachments also have shafts that go through the entire drum. Stubs may be cheaper, but they do not last as long and can cause extended downtime as the drum would have to be removed for shaft replacement more often. Combined with long life, less down times equals even more productivity than before. Small and medium trees are a mere trifle for our Link Belt excavator attachments, and even trees up to six feet in diameter will succumb to the hungry maw of our largest machine. Brush clearing and stump grinding are a snap, and your job will be finished in no time.

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