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One Tool – A Dozen Jobs

The most important part of any brush clearing operation is mulching down the the debris into manageable chips. It is far easier to cart off a few tons of wood mulch than trying to cram a few tons of felled trees into your M35 military-grade truck. That is why we provide a single tool that will handle all your mulching needs: our EX series tree mulcher.

Go big: Attach this excavator tree mulcher to the boom of an excavator, and watch as it seamlessly works down a tree, decimating it into fine mulch all the way down to the stump. The tool specializes in brush mulching, too, chewing up and spitting out any plant that’s in its path. So really, there is no need for separate brush mulching equipment.

These tree mulchers will also help you maintain a parcel of land for forestry mulching and replanting. As one of your forestry mulching machines, it will help you clear damaged, rotten, or diseased timber to make way for new seedlings. We have the best tree mulchers for sale for any tree mulching equipment needs. They are also the best tree mulchers for an excavator because mulching heads for excavators need to withstand rugged punishment. Each model is meant to withstand massive down-pressure from its excavator, despite their fantastically light weight. Keep your machines balanced, and running efficiently, all while getting more trees mulched faster.

Ours take anything you can dish out. So, when you need the best mulching equipment around, come see Torrent Mulchers. Check out our products page to see these bad boys in action! We pride ourselves in the quality, power, ruggedness, and dependability of our tree mulchers, and soon you will too.


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