If your land clearing job does not involve heavy trees, fear not. We have the tool available to handle your brush shredder tasks. Shredder chippers really are the best tool for the job, and our top model fits the bill perfectly. As wood shredders go, it has got the power necessary to granulate even the biggest Gordian Knot of tangled creepers. It will even mulch leaves for composting, making it the chipper mulcher shredder that devours leaves like a peckish brontosaurus. Would you not like to sic this powerful leaf mulcher and shredder on that ugly mass of dead, twisted brush in the backyard?

Shredder chippers use large amounts of fuel. If fuel consumption is an issue for you, we also have a greener chipper shredder for sale: the electric chipper shredder. This one is also a hungry beast but does not contribute to your carbon footprint. It is a wood shredder with a conscience and helps you save money on fuel. It does not matter which of our shredder chippers you select. Both the fuel-powered and electric-powered wood shredders are the exact tool for the job. So, come on down and check out our chipper shredders for sale. We think you will be suitably impressed!