The worst part of any brush clearing project is removing all the leftover stumps after cutting down the trees. Stump removal is tough, dirty work… so why don’t you let us here at Torrent Mulchers make it easy for you!

There are all kinds of crazy ideas about stump removal. Although explosives and flamethrowers sound like a lot of fun, we recommend safer, more legal, methods: in particular, trust the strength of our machines. The 360° rotating teeth and unprecedented of our energy-saving, tree-obliterating stump grinder will make short work of the job. Just attach it to your machine of choice, and bring the stump chipper to bear. Soon, the stump will be gone, and, as a mulcher, these stump grinder will make it much easier to clean the site. You’ll forget stump removal was ever a separate part of the job!

You should not let stump removal slow down the clearing operation. While it is usually a drawn-out process, our excavator stump grinder shortens it considerably. Even if there are multiple stumps to remove, our stump grinders will glide methodically from stump to stump leaving a satisfying trail of sawdust in its wake. Not only are our attachments fast, they are a revolution in the mulching industry. Compared to our competitors, it’s like using an axe instead of a hammer! Light weight, durable, and capable of holding the down-pressure of the powerful loader that operates it.

Indeed, our mighty stump grinder is exactly the tool you need to simplify your job. At a very basic level: stumps are tough. We are tougher. Check out our products, and watch the videos to see them in action, today!