There are times when even a skid-steer loader cannot wind its way through to accomplish the mulching job. In an urban setting where you have to mulch or clear brush near a retaining wall or other obstruction, it is generally not feasible to bring the power of our forestry attachments to bear. Terex has an answer to that with its Knickmatic boom system. With it, you can mulch and clear next to your own tracks. This will even enable you to clear brush and mulch trees between ruined houses on a lot to be reclaimed because one particular Terex excavator is only 30 inches wide.

In such tight confines, gigantic equipment is out of place, but we offer excavator attachments that are small enough to fit and still powerful enough to rip, chew, and chop their way through any wood. The fully-rotatable teeth inside a two-foot wide Terex excavator attachments are still crafted from the same, super-strong non-carbide steel of the six-foot giants. There is no down time if you crack a cutting tooth in those tight spaces because your operator can simply turn the tooth assembly a quarter turn before they are mulching and clearing again. Our attachments for Terex excavator machines equipped with Knickmatic booms are also lightweight enough for ultra-precise maneuverability. They are constructed from QT 100 steel, which trades thickness and weight for high-tensile strength thinness. Since forestry work in tight spaces involves significant sideways forces, the dual row of bearings in our Terex excavator attachments are specifically designed to withstand such resistance.

Even in traditional, rural forestry settings, our Terex excavator attachments can make sense. Terex also makes larger, though still compact, excavators. The largest of these cranks out 100 horsepower, so you will be able to shred and mulch trees up to 40 inches in diameter with our attachments. Call us today for an appointment, and we will check out all the options in Terex excavator attachments for sale that work best for your specific needs.