Volvo has been synonymous with safety for decades, and their line of excavators continues that tradition. With its exclusive CareCab feature, not only does Volvo keep its operators safe, but also keeps them comfortable. In an environmentally-friendly move, Volvo even constructs its excavators out of recyclable components; 95 percent of each excavator can be recycled! Additionally, with its CareTrack system deployed, Volvo machines allow a centrally-located manager monitor an entire fleet of machines. Put all this power and innovation together with our line of super-rugged and dependable forestry attachments for Volvo excavator machines, and you have an unbeatable team in the field.

Large-scale forestry operations are notoriously difficult to monitor and control because they are generally working in remote areas far from the comforts of technology. CareTrack allows you to keep tabs on any operation, and you can see just how efficiently, powerfully, and long-lasting our Volvo excavator attachments operate. The are constructed from extremely strong, yet lightweight, QT 100 steel and weigh less than half what older, heavier models weigh. That means even compact excavators can swing them to and fro with abandon. Huge machines can also bring their enormous power to bear on the chassis of our Volvo excavator attachments without worrying about breakage because each of our cutting attachments is outfitted with a double row of bearings designed to withstand much higher side stresses than normal. Not only that, the teeth of our attachments are crafted from non-carbide steel and have razor sharp cutting edges that chop through wood rather than attempt to smash it. Best of all, even if you break a cutting tooth, all you have to do is swivel the fully-rotatable cutting-tooth assembly 90 degrees. A fresh tooth slides into place, and you’re off and mulching once again.

Our attachments will mulch, shred, shear, and grind their way through the toughest jobs and their cutting teeth will last more than 400 hours before needing replacement. The bearings will go for more than 1,000 hours. Our Volvo excavator attachments for sale are gleaming and brand-new, just waiting for you to inquire about. Call us today and lets talk the top-of-the-line gear.