Yanmar built their first compact excavator in 1971 and has been refining and improving their models ever since. Streamlined construction and operation has been their continued goal. Changing forestry attachments based on the size of trees you’re cutting involves only a few commands given from the cab of the excavator: pull locking pin, switch attachment, insert pin, resume mulching.

The future of forestry belongs to the efficient. While the newest Yanmar excavators boast fuel consumption that is 20 percent lower than its previous models, we offer unsurpassed longevity in our attachments for Yanmar excavator machines. An operational life of 400 or more hours on a set of cutting teeth means you can work more than seven weeks worth of eight hour days going seven days a week before having to replace the non-carbide steel teeth. In fact, even if you break a cutting edge, you lose very little time because our unique cutting assemblies come with four teeth each. Simply rotate the assembly a quarter of a turn in order to get a fresh tooth in place.

The lightweight construction of our Yanmar excavator attachments belies the extra strength that comes from QT 100 steel. They can take the full pressure of an excavator, even when grinding down a six-foot wide stump. The bearings of our Yanmar excavator attachments also come in double rows in order to withstand that pressure and can regularly perform at peak efficiency for more than 1,000 hours. That equals extra productivity and less wasted time, improving your bottom line.

Yanmar developed the concept of zero tail swing in 1993 and has refined their construction so that none of the excavator protrudes outside the track base while turning. Therefore, you can go almost anywhere, even near a wall, with our attachments for Yanmar excavator machines. Call us today for an appointment; stop by and see our Yanmar excavator attachments for sale.