CAT Mulcher Attachments

Torrent provides strong, lightweight, commercial mulchers that are specially designed and thoroughly tested for CAT mini excavators. The exclusive spherical cutters on these mowers are tough enough to work in rocky terrain, and outperform flail-type mowers from carbide competitors hands down. Cut grass, clear brush, even whole tree removal up to 8 inches – these mulchers do it all with ease.

We challenge you to find a truly comparable product anywhere at any price.

CAT model compatibility for many models are given beneath the products below. If your Model number is not listed, please call us on +1.866.777.7575 for the most up to date data.

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Our Tough, Lightweight Mulchers for CAT Excavators

Caterpillar Skid-steer Loaders and Excavators Offer Power and Versatility

On a particularly large work site, there are going to be small jobs and big jobs going on at the same time. It is inevitable that you are going to need tools for large-scale tree shearing, minor brush clearing, and relentless tree and stump mulching all at once. You already have the power and quality of the Caterpillar name behind your excavators and skid-steer loaders, so you should go with the same excellence in your attachments.

CAT attachments are remarkable because of their interchangeable nature. CAT skid steer attachments and CAT excavator attachments can both cycle from machine to machine with a minimum of effort and a maximum of timber-pulverizing power output. In dense growth with little room to maneuver, our CAT skid steer attachments are perfect to sheer trees and mulch them not only to help finish the primary job but also to clear space for bigger machines armed with CAT excavator attachments.

Such teamwork is also crucial when there is hindering brush interfering with the peak operational efficiency of an excavator. Our CAT skid steer attachments make short work of the brush while the excavator boom brings the snarling, ravenous, whirling, non-carbide teeth of the CAT excavator attachments to bear. Before you know it, the area is completely clear, and you have several tons of environmentally-friendly mulch to sell or use in other projects.

Spherical Cutters

Torrent’s EXCLUSIVE SPHERICAL CUTTERS are TOUGH enough to work in rocky terrain and OUTPERFORM flail-type mowers carbide competitors hands down!

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