Torrent was the first manufacturer to market a fixed tooth mulcher that could be run efficiently by a mini excavator. Using the 161-3 Kubota (a 6 tonne class machine) as the target match for a mini mulcher, Torrent fielded a 26″ cutting width unit with an installed weight of approximately 900 lb (400 kg). The unit worked admirably but the carrier became unstable at full reach and booming down was very tricky indeed even at little over half of full reach. In response to customer feed back we set out to redesign the unit to better suit the target market. The belt drive and associated hardware has been eliminated in favour of a direct drive system reducing cost weight and maintenance – four years and thousands of hours of testing later we now offer the EX30DE with a 30″ (0.75 meter) cutting width weighing only 500 lb (225 kg) efficient and light enough to be run on many 4 tonne class machines. Pay close attention to the full reach boom capacity of your carrier.

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