The natural world is often frustrating to the modern world. We want to build our businesses, but fields are dominated by undergrowth and land lots are filled with trees. Clearing lots can seem like an unsustainable process, but when done responsibly, taking a timber mulcher to the trees on your property can be beneficial to the surrounding area and the harmony of nature.

A timber mulcher can help rid the property of any dead or sickly trees. This prevents infectious tree diseases from spreading to other trees and infecting the entire property. A timber mulcher can also help you get rid of any large trees that are preventing younger, healthier trees from seeing any sunlight or getting the moisture they require. Once the tree has been cut down and the timber mulcher has done its job, you will be left with a pile of mulch that is ideal for encouraging sustainable, healthy plant growth on your property.

Mulch from a timber mulcher is desirable because it is coarse, organic, dye-free mulch. Due to its coarseness, it is excellent at holding in moisture and preventing weeds from popping up between your plants and trees. It is not likely to wash away in heavy rains like finer mulch might. Some dye-laden mulch contains harmful chemicals, so the lack of manufacturer dyes ensures that you aren’t layering your land with man-made toxins. Also, since the timber mulcher churns out organic mulch, the mulch will decompose and fertilize your soil as it protects it. The fertilization acts as a catalyst, helping your garden grow and prosper.

You may need to re-mulch from time to time, especially because of the mulch’s decomposition. You can use a timber mulcher on on-site trees or unsightly undergrowth to replenish your stores. It is akin to compost. You are basically recycling your old, unwanted vegetation and using it to create new, lush and beautiful landscaping that will add massive value to your property.

The timber mulcher, unlike many other types of forestry equipment, is adept at only mulching the things you want. Other methods of clearing can sometimes ruin nearby trees or undergrowth that you want to leave undisturbed. Tree roots extend far beneath the surface layers of ground and, if they are upset, can compromise the health and stability of the tree they belong to. Once compromised, the tree becomes much more delicate than it appears and strong winds can easily push it over on to other trees, cars, or even your house. Irresponsible landscapers can do a lot of damage to surrounding vegetation without even knowing it.

Layering mulch over soil is also instrumental in protecting the soil against erosion. Weather can be very detrimental to topsoil, washing away soil and nutrients and leaving behind a barren area, depleted of its natural ability to sustain life. Mulch prevents soil from being washed away with the rain, blown away with the wind, or deteriorated from acidic rain. A timber mulcher can clear the area, create a pristine natural preserve, and provide the vital mulch to retain the soil’s vitality.

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