When you’re out on any kind of land clearing job, the last thing that you need to be worrying about is a fire, environmental damage, clean clearing, or a real nightmare: machines breaking down—and sometimes it seems like all of those are impossible to manage all at the same time!

What is an Excavator Mower?

An excavator mower, sometimes referred to as an excavator mulcher, mulching head, or brush mower, is probably the answer to much of your land clearing problems. The reason that it has a separate name from those others is because often, companies can only offer you a mower as a different machine than the mulcher—unless you’re looking at the products on our website. It can attach onto an excavator or skid-steer, and will be able to trim the grass and left-over debris from a land clearing job.

Essentially, excavator mowers are the pinch-hitters of the mulching business.

What are the Advantages of Excavator Mowers?

An excavator mower can save you from a lot of the serious repercussions of shoddy land clearing: its versatility can navigate through thick grass and brush that hasn’t yet been cleared with other mulching equipment—this may also prevent brush fires and other damages.

By being able to attach to an excavator or skid-steer, the brush mowers can easily navigate smaller spaces, and even help protect the integrity of slopes and ditches without causing damage to your machine.

The brush mowers offered by Torrent Mulchers take this mulching ingenuity a step further: by producing lighter-weight, more durable excavator mowers, you’re able to clear more land without causing environmental damage. They can attach to smaller or larger excavator machines without causing them to go off balance—all the while still able to bear the down pressure that may be necessary in the case of rougher terrain.

If you’re interested in how an excavator mower can help you on the job, and want more information on the powerful excavator mowers from Torrent Mulchers, do not hesitate to contact us today!


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