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The world’s fervent preoccupation with “going green” is holding strong – and with just cause. People in all sectors of the industry are looking for innovative ways to adopt more ecologically sustainable practices and generate more environmentally-friendly products. Whether stocking recycled coffee cups or propagating the use of wind turbines, companies both old and new are reevaluating their practices and developing new earth-friendly products and services.

A forest tree mulcher is one of the new components to the “going green” movement. Used primarily by land clearing companies working for individual property owners, construction companies, and land rehabilitation businesses, a forest tree mulcher clears away trees, stumps, and brush by grinding organic material into mulch. Unlike traditional methods of land clearing, such bulldozing and burning, a forest tree mulcher is able to preserve the land’s top soil and grass, thereby clearing trees with minimal damage to the environment. The forest tree mulcher has been lauded for its eco-friendly methods that guard against ground erosion, preserve wanted tree and grass roots, and quickly enhance land without demolishing the surrounding property. In addition, the mulch generated from a forest tree mulcher both supplies nutrients to the soil and enhances its moisture retention. The forest tree mulcher’s ability to preserve land while still removing unwanted trees and brush makes it the most environmentally-friendly land clearing method in the industry.

Forest Tree Mulcher vs. Bulldozing and Burning

Bulldozing and burning are traditional land clearing methods, used by large companies and property owners alike. These outdated land clearing techniques are time consuming, potentially extremely hazardous, and eco-destructive.

Burning, as opposed to a forest tree mulcher, in particular necessitates a permit and runs risks of unmanageable forest fires that not only destroy the environment but also pose serious health and financial risks for both homeowners and neighbors. At best, a contained fire will clear away brush but also heat up the land several inches below the top soil, sterilizing and stripping the land of the nutrients, microbes, nitrogen, and oxygen that plants need to survive. Additionally, the heat and smoke from the fire can seriously damage the surrounding trees, thereby offsetting the environmental balance. The severe damage inflicted by burning can take over three years to repair.

Bulldozing does not pose as many risks as burning but does have similar detrimental effects on the environment. While bulldozing does effectively remove trees as effectively as a forest tree mulcher, it also demolishes the topsoil and plant and grass roots, devastating the areas eco-system. Unlike a forest tree mulcher, a bulldozer will create deep holes that will need to be filled, which not only takes considerable time but also costs a fortune.

A tree mulcher stands in stark contrast to bulldozing and burning. Effective at removing trees while maintaining the environment, a forest tree mulcher is now for many companies’ the number one choice for environmentally friendly but highly efficient land clearing. Unlike a bulldozer, the Torrent series of durable rotary forest tree mulching attachments remove trees without cutting into the soil, keeping grass and plants in tact. A forest tree mulcher preserve the soil’s nutrients and roots, leaving little damage to the areas overall eco-system and saving property owners and companies time re-building and cleaning up the site. In addition, the forest tree mulcher cuts trees even to the ground, allowing the roots to compost naturally and the mulch created from the trees provides nutrients to the soil, further enhancing the environment. Unlike more traditional methods, the forest tree mulcher creates an area more akin to a park than a demolition site.

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