Deforesting projects typically produce large amounts of organic waste. Tree limbs, branches, brush and trunks can be difficult and costly to dispose of, particularly when your project involves clearing many acres of land.

A high-capacity tree chipper can save you money in the long run by providing your workers with an efficient means to dispose of organic waste on-site. Tree shredding allows you to turn tree limbs and branches into organic mulch that you can sell to local landscaping companies or use for your own business landscaping projects.

Having a tree chipper lowers costs by reducing the need for hauling waste from an excavation or deforesting site. Because you can eliminate many expenses associated with hauling equipment and labor, buying a tree branch chipper can increase profitability and conserve revenue for future projects.

Tree mulching is simple when you purchase a multi-use attachment from Torrent Mulchers. Our heads attach to tree clearing equipment quickly, which helps reduce unproductive time and keeps your deforesting projects on schedule. Also, a multi-use attachment eliminates the need for separate tree chippers and tree grinders, which significantly reduces equipment expenses.

Our all-in-one attachments are perfect for tree mulching and some can even be used as a tree grinder. Because you will not have to stop to change attachments, your employees can clear land with greater efficiency.

Contact one of our authorized dealers today to learn more about all-in-one attachments for your tree cutting equipment. Whether you need a wood chipper, tree grinder or mulcher head, Torrent Mulchers has the equipment you need to reduce costs and increase productivity.


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