When it comes to extensive land clearing, removing brush and other organic waste can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Clearing brush by hand can require an enormous amount of labor and can easily compromise your project’s schedule.

Before you start looking for a brush chipper for sale, though, consider your brush clearing needs carefully. Using a separate brush mower or brush chipper can increase repair and equipment purchase costs. Although standard brush clearing machines can take care of some removal tasks, most brush clearing equipment is not designed for multi-purpose use.

Fortunately, Torrent Mulchers offers simple, cost-effective solutions for your brush clearing needs. We offer all-in-one attachments that can take the place of several pieces of standalone equipment such as brush shredders, grapplers and brush chippers.

Our brush grapple attachments can make your work easier by allowing you to move large amounts of brush quickly. Our attachments can also be used as brush chippers and brush mowers, reducing the need for separate brush cutting equipment. We even offer attachments that serve as brush cutters for excavators.

Our line of attachments are built with heavy use in mind, which means that you can get years of use out of our products without worrying about costly repairs.

Check our list of dealers that can provide you with your all-in one attachment to take care of your brush mower and brush grappler needs. At Torrent Mulchers, we pride ourselves on manufacturing multi-use equipment that can help you complete your projects quickly and efficiently.


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