A stump grinder is designed to remove tree stumps from agricultural, residential, and commercial settings. Although it is possible to leave tree stumps in the ground after felling, your best bet is to remove them using a mini-excavator stump grinder, which consists of an attachment that can be connected to mini-excavators with adequate power and auxiliary hydraulics . If you leave a stump in the ground as it is, it can lead to suckering, which is when new shoots arise from the trunks and roots. Although dead stumps will not form suckers, they are susceptible to root diseases so it is not worth leaving them in and taking that risk.

To prevent any problems from arising, physical removal of the tree stump with a mini-excavator stump grinder is the best solution. A mini-excavator stump grinder grinds out the main root plate, leaving fine sawdust in its place. You can rent a mini-excavator stump grinder and use it on your own or you can hire someone to take care of the job for you if you aren’t confident in your ability to operate the machinery safely. Although there will inevitably be some roots left in the ground, the majority of them will rot down with time.

The saw dust that is left after a stump is grinded with a mini-excavator stump grinder can be used to fill the hole that remains or it can be used as mulch in other areas of your yard/garden. Specify what your preferences are to the contractor you hire before he gets started. Make sure all diseased wood is completely removed. You should also determine how deep you would like him to grind out the stump. If you plan on replanting something in the area or doing landscaping there, it is better if they grind out the stump more deeply. If you are just planning to lay out some turf, a shallow grinding is likely to suffice.

If you are confident that you can use a stump grinder for mini excavator on your own safely, you could consider renting one in order to save some money. However, it is not recommended that you try to do so otherwise because it could potentially be very hazardous to you.

The Benefits of Using a Mini-Excavator Stump Grinder

The movements of a mini-excavator stump grinder are very precise because the operator has a full view of the stump and disk at all times. The sawdust is typically discharged at the left, allowing the right side of the attachment to operate just a few inches away from buildings, roads, and tree lines.

Newer mini-excavator stump grinder models allow you to access small properties with ease due to their compactness. They also allow you to grind stumps more easily. You can even grind down a stump and small trees at the same time. Models that feature the right balance of torque and wheel speed make quick work of most stumps, allowing for increased productivity when the removal of multiple stumps is required.

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