30" Shark mulching birchLand clearing to build a new home or other development is no DIY project. In order to properly preserve the land while selectively removing unwanted trees and undergrowth, it is necessary to use heavy duty construction equipment. Although such equipment is available for rental and a homeowner may be tempted to rent it for the sake of saving money, it can potentially be hazardous to operate such mulcher equipment without experience—so it is advisable to hire a professional to get the job done.

Applications of Construction Equipment for Land Clearing

Construction equipment for land clearing is used for landscaping, land management, drain management, fire-line construction, and much more. Another common use of such construction equipment is for the pre-commercial thinning of land. A mulcher for skid steer work, or mulcher excavator, is particularly effective at maintaining trails and clearing the vegetation that grows on the sides of ditches.

Types of Construction Equipment Used for Land Clearing

The types of construction equipment used for land clearing include stump grinders and mulchers, also known as brush cutters. These mulcher attachments cut down standing trees and brush, lowering them to ground level without damaging top soil. The brush is ground into mulch, which is then returned to the soil to replenish it. Using mulchers is an eco-friendly alternative to previous forms of land clearing like bulldozing and burning.

Mulchers can be found as attachments that are connected to skid steers or excavators, or they may be full carriers that operate on their own. The types of blades used also vary and their effectiveness depends on the type of terrain on which they are used and what type of brush they cut.

At Torrent Mulchers, our mulcher for mini excavator jobs is unparalleled in its light-weight durability, able to withstand loads that almost don’t make mathematical sense. At just 320lbs, our 28″ SHARK can handle up to 5 tonnes of down-pressure from an excavator—and it only gets stronger as the model sizes up. Additionally, they’re equipped with full rotating 360° teeth that are meant to last way longer than the standard fixed tooth.

Stump grinders are a form of construction equipment used to grind out the main root plate of a tree stump, leaving saw dust in its place. Stump grinders are very quick at their job, allowing operators to remove multiple tree stumps in a relatively short amount of time. Stump grinder construction equipment is typically available as a mulcher attachment for excavators. They are commonly used in order to clear land for development and after felling.

The Benefits of Modern Construction Equipment for Land Clearing

Modern construction equipment, like the mulcher equipment available on our website, is highly efficient. It can allow you to clear land much more quickly. Furthermore, when you use a mulcher attachment that is connected to an excavator, you can be very selective about which trees you remove without damaging surrounding areas. This allows you to maintain desired parts of the land and thus lower overall costs of developing a property. Furthermore, when you use a mulcher for mini excavator work on a property, it increases its resale value because the mulch replenishes the land.

Mulchers attachments clear out all of the vegetation in sight, leaving no bunches of brush to put in piles or burn. Another benefit is that it reduces the erosion potential of sloped sites.

Our mulcher equipment has no problem with stumps either, make removing old tree stumps an easy task. Considering all of the benefits of tree stump removal, there’s no reason not to take out tree stumps. Otherwise, you could risk damaging other vegetation in the area with disease or see suckering, which is when shoots come out from the stump and roots.

The bottom line is that when it comes to clearing land, mulcher excavators and mulcher attachments, as you can see on our site’s videos, can give you unparalleled clearing capabilities—and even give your excavators new areas of work.

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