Why do you need a tree stump grinder?

Companies all have their own individual methods to land clearing and stump removal. While traditional methods include sawing down the tree and popping out the stump by bulldozer or truck, in past years, conventional land clearing techniques have proven inefficient and unwise. Popping the stump out generates large holes that need to be filled and replanted and the powerful weight of the stump can damage and/or destroy vehicles.

Businesses nowadays are adopting a new technology that is establishing itself as the new and most effective means of stump removal. The tree stump grinder proficiently grinds down the tree base to ground level, allowing it to decompose naturally, or removes the stump and roots entirely, creating a small and orderly hole. In addition, the tree stump grinder turns the stump into mulch, which can be used to nourish grass and plant roots and/or placed over the in-ground base to promote decomposition. Environmentally friendly and leaving no bothersome hole, the tree stump grinder provides and easy and natural method of eradicating stumps with minimal effort.

How does a tree stump grinder work?

A tree stump grinder can come in a variety of shapes and sizes; homeowners are able to purchase small stand alone power tools the size of lawnmowers, while large companies may have large rotary attachments the size of trucks. The tree stump grinder’s primary attribute is its high-speed rotating cutting disk, featuring application specific teeth to effectively chip away tree bases and roots. Controlled by hydraulic cylinders that move the disk vertically to cut the wood and side to side to clear away wood chips, a tree stump grinder is capable of quickly and efficiently grinding down unwanted tree bases.

Where can companies find a high-quality tree stump grinder?

Torrent Technical, Inc. is Canada’s leading manufacturer of high quality and durable tree stump grinders made for heavy land clearing duties. Recognized for their innovative patent-pending spherical cutter that promises increased durability and efficiency, Torrent Mulchers is paving the way for the future of land clearing and tree stump grinders.

The company’s spherical fixed cutters are built to grind any size tree stump and rapidly mulch brush and efficiently remove large trees of up to 20″ in diameter. This ground-breaking cutter design reduces power consumption and RPM, increasing durability and saving companies money in fuel. Featuring a durable torque-frame composed from high-strength plate, their attachment boasts superior strength and durability in comparably small package. In addition, strong spherical roller bearings and axial piston motors intended to withstand high hydraulic pressures, make their tree stump grinder the absolute best on the market.

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