An excavator brush cutter is an effective piece of equipment for clearing land, shredding trees, cleaning ditches, and much more. It allows you to clear brush, trees, and stumps down to ground level. An excavator brush cutter comes in two models and they are rotary and horizontal. Although each type of excavator brush cutter cuts in a similar way, they are useful in different applications.

Excavator Brush Cutter in action
Spherical Cutters

Torrent’s EXCLUSIVE SPHERICAL CUTTERS are TOUGH enough to work in rocky terrain and OUTPERFORM flail-type mowers carbide competitors hands down!

If you want a clean cut job that looks as immaculate as someone’s lawn, opt for a horizontal excavator brush cutter with a flail cut. If you aren’t too concerned about how the end result will look, a horizontal excavator brush mower with fixed teeth would work just fine. In areas where there are no people, houses, or other safety issues in the way, a rotary machine is appropriate. However, rotary machines do not work well on rolling ground. With a excavator brush mulcher, the closest you can get to flat ground is two to three inches away.

Rotary Excavator Brush Cutters

Rotary excavator brush cutters have blades that rotate parallel to the ground. They cost 25 to 50 percent less than horizontal cutters because their components are inexpensive and they are easier to build. The blade of an excavator mower experiences the most wear and tear but it is easy to replace. The downside of using an excavator brush cutter attachment is the fact that it leaves cut brush on the ground without processing it.

Horizontal Excavator Brush Cutters

Horizontal excavator brush mowers consist of blades that are attached to a steel drum. The three types of horizontal excavator brush mulcher are fixed, flail, and ax blade. A flail cutter breaks up brush with sharp blades or blunt hammers. Flails cut the fastest and make the finest mulch material. Their design also makes it capable for them to pass over rocks with ease.

Fixed tooth cutters have blades that are attached to the outside of the drum. They are effective for cutting material below ground level. Some fixed tooth excavator mulchers can even chip away at metal hidden in thick brush.

Ax blade cutters consist of sharpened knives. They are capable of cutting grass, weeds, and brush with diameters of up to six inches. An ax blade excavator mulching head is particularly useful for creating fine mulch. However, the blades must be sharpened two to three times per week for optimal results. Excavator brush mulchers are useful for reaching up onto steep slopes, reaching into areas selectively, and digging into ditches.

Excavator brush cutter attachments can navigate in tight spaces in order to selectively remove brush while causing minimal disturbance. This feature is particularly useful when reducing spacing between trees to minimize the spreading of fires.

The benefits of excavator brush cutting are numerous. In order to ensure that you get optimal results with an excavator brush cutter attachment, establish what type of material it will process most of the time and on what type of terrain. Take the environment of your work site into consideration as well when making your decision.

We are proud to offer a full line of attachments that can meet the needs of almost any mulching job. Our products have a special 360° rotating set of teeth that prolong the life of the machine, huge capacity bearings, and light weight chassis that are more durable than their doubly heavy competition.

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