Hydraulic mulchers are mulcher attachments or carriers that use hydraulic power to operate. The attachments are designed to attach to excavators and built for specific excavator sizes and hydraulic flows. Hydraulic mulcher carriers are heavy duty and powerful.

Applications that hydraulic mulchers are used for are forestry, landscaping, roadside clearing, site preparation, and composting. Their functions include stump grinding, grinding bushes and branches, and grinding standing trees to ground level. Hydraulic mulchers are typically used to clear brush in pre-construction sites, water courses, under power lines, and more.

Hydraulic mulchers that are attached to excavators have the ability to go on any type of terrain, whether it is swampy, sloped, uneven, river bank, or around utility line runs. Other types of mulchers on the market simply aren’t capable of working effectively on such a diverse range of terrains.

Hydraulic mulchers deliver the most productivity and fuel efficiency, providing you with maximum results. Other benefits of using hydraulic mulchers include the fact that they are more comfortable to operate and reduce heat generation, all the while lowering the total cost of operation.

What is Hydraulic Power?

Hydraulic power is energy that is transmitted and controlled by means of pressurized liquid. One of the advantages of hydraulic power is that offers easy and accurate control. It is possible to stop, start, reverse, accelerate, decelerate, and so on very accurately with hydraulic powered machinery. Furthermore, a benefit that is unique to hydraulic power and fluid power in general is the constant force or torque.

The Eco-Friendliness of Hydraulic Mulchers

Hydraulic mulchers are environmentally-friendly because they preserve top soil and desired trees. Further, the mulch they produce is very nourishing and beneficial to the soil. On the other hand, bulldozing and burning, which were methods of land clearing used in the past, are far more time-consuming, damaging to the environment and hazardous to humans.

The Benefits of Using Hydraulic Mulchers

There are a variety of different mulchers out there but the benefits of using a hydraulic mulcher include the fact that the hydraulic system allows for smoother, more efficient performance. In addition, some hydraulic mulchers include a hydraulically operated front hood that allows trees to be cut and dense vegetation to be cleared. Hydraulic mulchers are arguably the most powerful of all mulchers on the market. Hydraulic mulchers consist of a hydraulic system that directs full power to the attachment as necessary. A hydraulically powered fan allows for high capacity system cooling.

Features to Look for in Carriers for Hydraulic Mulchers

In selecting a carrier and evaluating its compatibility with hydraulic mulching equipment there are several key considerations:

When it comes to power and precision, hydraulic mulchers certainly hold advantages over mulchers that are powered by other types of technology. Hydraulic mulchers are durable and capable of clearing shrubs and trees, turning them into mulch. As such, hydraulic mulchers are ideal for meeting your environmental maintenance needs.

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