When you have a mulching job at hand, you want to have the necessary flexibility in order to proceed. That is why using a mulching head attachment is better than using a machine designed only for one purpose. Mulcher heads can be attached to skid-steer loaders or excavators. This provides the flexibility you require. Attach the mulcher head to a skid-steer loader to burrow into tight confines in order to remove stumps as a tree mulcher, or pair mulching heads with an excavator to pulverize brush effortlessly. In addition, you can maneuver attachments much more easily than single-use machines.

The ravenous teeth of our tree mulcher swivel freely in order to reduce wear and provide extra-sharp cutting power. The best part is the ease with which the item can be removed and reattached. For example, you can swing the excavator boom from left to right to clear out the brush blocking your skid-steer loader. Once the brush is cleared, just remove the tree mulching head from the excavator and attach it to the smaller machine. Then you can slip into any tight spaces, such as a hidden gully, and grind down a few fallen trees.

We provide pristine, brand-new items. Other companies might offer mulchers for rent, but you want to be able to count on your items’ reliability. New mulching heads provide that extra level of reliability. You can trust our mulchers.


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