Skid-steer loaders are powerful enough to perform heavy-duty forestry work, but they are also small and maneuverable enough to wriggle into and through close, tight spaces. Our multi-purpose attachments will pair up with your skid-steer loader and let you deftly accomplish major tasks where a giant excavator will not fit.

The forestry multitool will form the front end of your skid steer brush cutter. It accepts most horsepower ratings and will chew through even the most tangled mess. Once you have cleared the brush away, the skid steer brush mulcher’s free-floating steel teeth begin the pulverization. Not only is this remarkable device a skid steer brush cutter but also a full-fledged skid steer forestry mulcher. When coupled with skid-steer loaders of the highest horsepower rating, it will even gnaw merrily through stumps and fallen trees. In this way, our forestry multitool will perform admirably as a skid steer tree shear.

The design of our skid steer mulcher makes it economical to clear up to medium-sized areas with great ease. Its rugged construction and light weight combine to provide top-notch forestry-clearing ability. Heavier products would unbalance a skid-steer loader; our skid steer mulcher does no such thing. You can whiz between obstacles while atomizing stray brush, trees, stumps and branches.


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