Torrent Mulchers

When you need to build on a large area fully covered with trees, you need powerful forestry equipment to get the job done. You cannot go small potatoes when you need to go the whole enchilada. Our equipment is both mighty enough for the job and reliable enough to depend on time and again.

For difficult, extensive jobs, our forestry mulcher has the power and versatility needed to accomplish any task you assign it. Our top forestry mulcher for sale churns out over 500 horsepower and is constructed from super-tough, noncarbide steel. The mulcher’s teeth offer extra power while saving weight. They also rotate a full 360 degrees; this provides longer life because of less stress on the teeth themselves. Because they float freely and conform to the shape of the object being mulched, the teeth of our biggest forestry mulcher have been described as “more like cutters than hammers.”

Logging is a tough enough job with the right forestry equipment; you certainly do not want to work with weak or unreliable tools. Trust the quality, power and reliability of each forestry mulcher for sale in our inventory. You will undoubtedly notice the advantages of our products:

Put those together with the tree-snapping power of our best forestry equipment, and you wind up with an unbeatable combination. You have needs; we have solutions.


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