SANY Excavator Attachments

The table below shows which Torrent products will attach to your SANY excavator. If your Model number is not listed above,
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Spherical Cutters

Torrent’s EXCLUSIVE SPHERICAL CUTTERS are TOUGH enough to work in rocky terrain and OUTPERFORM flail-type mowers carbide competitors hands down!

Let Us Help You Mulch Your Way to Success

Whenever you have a brush-clearing or other forestry project, you want to be able to count on your equipment. We have a complete lineup of SANY mini excavator mulcher attachments that will help you chew through any job. We believe in the quality of Torrent Mulchers because they will shear trees, clear brush or mulch stumps on your land with a ravenous hunger for wood pulp.

For bigger jobs, we offer a heavy duty line of SANY excavator mulching attachments.

Whether you need small-scale SANY mini excavator mulching attachments or the bigger, stronger attachments for larger excavators, we have you covered. Our mission is to provide solutions for each of your jobs. Buying your equipment instead of renting saves you the hassle of abuse from past jobs and unknowns that occurred with often inexperienced workers before you. Finding those issues on the job isn’t a moment you want to have. We offer industry-leading technical support both before and after you buy. With that kind of peace of mind, your investment is protected.

The non-carbide, extra-tough teeth of our products, CASE skid loader attachments or otherwise, will grind anything into environmentally-friendly mulch in record time. Let us help you save time and money. Call us today for more information and an appointment.


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