Strong, Durable, Lightweight. Our Mulchers Fit Most Carriers.

Mulch light brush, mow grass & heavy weeds, and efficiently remove whole trees up to 5″ in diameter.

Perfect for light excavators and backhoes.

This mini-mulcher delivers maximum punch and durability in a super lightweight package.

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Powerful commercial-grade boom-mounted mulcher, intended to handle anything from grass to brush to whole trees (to 7″ diameter).

Designed for use on higher-power mini & midi excavators.

The fixed tooth cutting drum and high efficiency direct drive allow this compact mulcher to deliver impressive productivity and extreme durability in a lightweight package.

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More compact and lightweight than our 48″ and 54″ models, but still suitable for commercial applications like our larger mulchers. This mid-size mulcher is efficient on carriers 11 tonne and above.

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With a larger drive motor and a heavier frame construction, the 48″ Shark can withstand the heavier down pressure associated the heavier midi class machines and deliver higher productivity – especially higher volume brush cutting applications.

Unmatched boom response for this length of brush cutter and the ability to spool from 0 to 3500rpm in approximately 3 seconds, this unit delivers excellent productivity in a super tough lightweight package.

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Over and over again all of 54″ models ever sold (including the 11 year old prototype) are all still in service today with not even one single crippling and expensive frame or drum failure.

High volume applications are where this heavy duty forestry mulcher thrives. This mulcher features a ½” QT100 double-welded main frame with ¾” end plates, 78 tonne shaker screen style bearings, 1 1/8” thick drum tube, 600hp rated polyurethane belt drive, 2” thick QT100 tool holders that do not come off (even under the most severe of impacts), powered by a Bosch Rexroth 107 or 160 cc variable displacement motor and featuring super tough rotatable spherical or beaver style cutting tools. With a five year no-fail warranty on the main frame and drum, carbide and planer type competitors – bring’em on!

The Uses, Advantages and Types of Excavator Mulchers

Excavator mulchers are ideal for reclamation and deforestation, particularly in steep areas like river banks, power lines, pipe lines, and railroad right of ways. An excavator mulcher can process both large and small diameter material. They are capable of mulching Upright and fallen trees, brush, shrubs, and stumps. Applications that an excavator mulcher can be useful for storm water drainage area maintenance, land clearing, right-of-way construction, and forestry.

If you plan on working a lot at ground-level or above in an area with a lot of rocks, you are best off working with an excavator mulcher over a skid steer mulcher. On an excavator mulcher, other benefits are the fact that you have more control and visibility of what you are doing. As a result, your blades last longer, translating into lower operating costs. With the Torrent Mulcher EX series attachments, the rotating 360° blades offer prolonged use, because if you hit a rock and lose a blade, you can just rotate it to the next one.

Just on blade expenses, you can save a lot more when you use an excavator mulcher rather than a skid steer mulcher.

When you arm your excavator with a mulcher, you have the benefit of reducing brush and trees safely while lowering operating costs and downtime. Once you mulch trees, brush, and stumps down to ground level with an excavator mulcher, you can leave the mulch behind as ground cover. An excavator mulcher gives you the option of shredding material into a variety of textures ranging from course to fine.

Whether your desire is to clear the area of every tree or you want to selectively thin the area, you can use an excavator mulcher to remove the trees that you want and turn them into a bed of mulch that nourishes the landscape. You can get the excavator mulcher into tight locations and position it easily.

There’s no need to bulldoze down everything in sight when you have an excavator mulcher. You have the option of choosing what stays and what goes with an excavator mulcher, allowing you to save money on new trees, fill, and more. In the past, developers simply cleared everything out but today, the focus is on maintaining some vegetation and mulching around it in order to increase the land’s value.

How to Choose the Right Excavator Mulcher

The type of terrain, the type of brush that needs cutting, and the worksite environment all play a role in the type of excavator mulcher you should use. Each region has a unique form of invasive species that will affect the performance of an excavator mulcher. Softwoods like pine and cedar are easier to cut than hardwoods like hickories and oaks. Old trees take longer to cut than young trees because their trunks get thicker with age.
There are two general types of excavator mulchers and they are horizontal and rotary. If you want the end result to look as nice as someone’s lawn, opt for a horizontal mulcher with fixed teeth. If there are no houses or people around and the appearance of the end result is not all that important, a rotary machine is appropriate.

In an area with flat terrain that doesn’t have a lot of big trees and only has some small brush, a rotary excavator mulcher works well. On rolling ground, your best bet is to use a horizontal excavator mulcher because a rotary excavator mulcher would end up cutting just as much dirt as it would brush.

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