Torrent Mulchers

How A Tree Chipper Can Save You Money In The Long Run

Deforesting projects typically produce large amounts of organic waste. Tree limbs, branches, brush and trunks can be difficult and costly to dispose of, particularly when your project involves clearing many acres of land. A high-capacity tree chipper can save you money in the long run by providing your workers with an efficient means to dispose […]

How to Determine Whether You Should Buy, Rent, or Lease a Mini-Excavator Mulcher

Mini-excavators are specialized pieces of equipment that serve a number of different applications. You can use a mini-excavator to landscape gardens, dig out the basement of your home, and much more. A mini-excavator mulcher attachment allows you to shred brush and small trees. Some common uses of the mini-excavator mulcher attachment include trail maintenance, drainage […]

How to Remove Large Amounts of Brush

When it comes to extensive land clearing, removing brush and other organic waste can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Clearing brush by hand can require an enormous amount of labor and can easily compromise your project’s schedule. Before you start looking for a brush chipper for sale, though, consider your brush clearing needs carefully. […]

Mini Excavator Stump Grinder

A stump grinder is designed to remove tree stumps from agricultural, residential, and commercial settings. Although it is possible to leave tree stumps in the ground after felling, your best bet is to remove them using a mini-excavator stump grinder, which consists of an attachment that can be connected to mini-excavators with adequate power and […]

Mowing Brush Made Easy

Clearing land for residential or industrial use commonly involves removing large amounts of wild brush that can cover land and make site preparation difficult. Cutting and removing brush by hand is a time-consuming and cumbersome task that can eat up project hours and put your project behind schedule. For this reason, many companies opt for […]

Mulching Equipment: What is Mulch?

Doubtless you have heard the word “mulch” before in landscaping and gardening contexts, but what exactly is it? Simply put, mulch is any type of material that goes over top of soil in a garden. It can be manure, compost, or a compilation of any natural ingredients like shorn leaves or grass. Mulching equipment turns […]

Must-Have Construction Equipment for Land Clearing Purposes

Land clearing to build a new home or other development is no DIY project. In order to properly preserve the land while selectively removing unwanted trees and undergrowth, it is necessary to use heavy duty construction equipment. Although such equipment is available for rental and a homeowner may be tempted to rent it for the […]

Repurposing Ideas for Tree Stumps

Tree stump removal is commonly a part of deforesting and land clearing projects. Many company owners struggle with finding ways to get rid of unwanted tree stumps. Fortunately, there are several ways you can repurpose tree stumps to avoid the expense and hassle of disposing of this type of organic waste. 1) Before you complete […]

Should I Use a Stump Grinder on That Tree in my Backyard?

Canada is a massive country, but vast majorities of its people live in the cities along the southern American border. The rest of the country is made up of a brilliant wilderness, and in that wilderness, trees absolutely outnumber people. It can feel intimidating when nature takes over, but it can produce beautiful results. Sometimes, […]

Stump Grinder

What is a stump grinder? Cutting down trees is a laborious process, but not more so than removing the residual tree stump. Inexperienced workers and landowners struggle with tree stump removal, often choosing inadequate procedures that are either ineffective or lengthy. Lighting the stump on fire, applying chemicals, and pulling the stump out by truck […]


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