The Benefits of Using a Mini-Excavator Brush Cutter

Mini-excavator attachments are designed to meet a broad range of brush cutting needs. The mini excavator brush cutter is highly effective at shredding brush and trees up to a diameter of 8″. The mini excavator mulcher has been most commonly used for development and maintenance of walking, bicycling and RV trails, pipe line right-of-ways, electrical […]

Types of Excavator Mulchers

Strong, Durable, Lightweight. Our Mulchers Fit Most Carriers. 28″ SHARK Mulch light brush, mow grass & heavy weeds, and efficiently remove whole trees up to 5″ in diameter. Perfect for light excavators and backhoes. This mini-mulcher delivers maximum punch and durability in a super lightweight package. VIEW 28″ SHARK FULL SPECS & PHOTOS 30″ […]

Tree Stump Grinder

Why do you need a tree stump grinder? Companies all have their own individual methods to land clearing and stump removal. While traditional methods include sawing down the tree and popping out the stump by bulldozer or truck, in past years, conventional land clearing techniques have proven inefficient and unwise. Popping the stump out generates […]

Types of Excavator Brush Cutters

An excavator brush cutter is an effective piece of equipment for clearing land, shredding trees, cleaning ditches, and much more. It allows you to clear brush, trees, and stumps down to ground level. An excavator brush cutter comes in two models and they are rotary and horizontal. Although each type of excavator brush cutter cuts […]

What Are Hydraulic Mulchers and What Do They Do?

Hydraulic mulchers are mulcher attachments or carriers that use hydraulic power to operate. The attachments are designed to attach to excavators and built for specific excavator sizes and hydraulic flows. Hydraulic mulcher carriers are heavy duty and powerful. Applications that hydraulic mulchers are used for are forestry, landscaping, roadside clearing, site preparation, and composting. Their […]

What Timber Forest Products Are Best for the Job?

The massive variety of timber forest products guarantees that you will be able to find an appropriate tool for your specific project. The difficulty often comes in deciding which of the timber forest products is right for the task at hand. A brief list of tasks and their associated tools is an essential guide for […]

Why Use An Attachment For A Mulching Head

When you have a mulching job at hand, you want to have the necessary flexibility in order to proceed. That is why using a mulching head attachment is better than using a machine designed only for one purpose. Mulcher heads can be attached to skid-steer loaders or excavators. This provides the flexibility you require. Attach […]

Why You Should Use A Skid Steer

Skid-steer loaders are powerful enough to perform heavy-duty forestry work, but they are also small and maneuverable enough to wriggle into and through close, tight spaces. Our multi-purpose attachments will pair up with your skid-steer loader and let you deftly accomplish major tasks where a giant excavator will not fit. The forestry multitool will form […]

Your Options When Trying to Clear Large Forest Areas

When you need to build on a large area fully covered with trees, you need powerful forestry equipment to get the job done. You cannot go small potatoes when you need to go the whole enchilada. Our equipment is both mighty enough for the job and reliable enough to depend on time and again. For […]


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